Spinning Purple Star With Falling Stars 2

<3 vkei, splatoon, undertale + deltarune, tbhk, yaoi + yuri, csm, great pretender, lhc, kami no kodomo, slime rancher, stardew valley, & more unlisted

Hi!! I'm Rudy but you can also call me Jude. I'm genderfluid bisexual and polyam, and an unironic fujoshi + himejoshi. I have autism and this might affect how I interact with you. Keep that in mind and please be patient!

Nsrs DNI: You like Lanju (I'm the only one who can like him sorry), know more than your basic zodiac sign, played genshin for more than 3 hours in one sitting, Gabija (you know what you did), or if you're a creep you're a weirdo, what the hell are you doing here, you dont belong here.

DNI: proship, radinclus, transmed, and endo/etc systems stay away from me you're ugly and it's embarrassing.BYI: I am very very passionate about my interests and probably won't shut up about them. Sorry!